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What makes the Golden Goose bot different from all the other bots?

The Golden Goose bot is the only bot that uses our DMCA ( Deep Market Capitalization Analysis ) algorithm to drastically improve the buying process.

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What is DMCA ?( Deep Market Capitalization Analysis )

Along with technical analysis, professional traders and hedge funds utilize systems that analyse the market capitalization data of companies/projects. The Goose employs a special algorithm that does just this for cryptocurrencies, in real time.

Golden Goose 1 Year Subscription License BTC 0.2

Golden Goose 6 Months Subscription License BTC 0.11

Golden Goose 3 Months Subscription License BTC 0.06

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- Market Strength Monitor
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The Goose finds out the best pairs to work on from our DMCA ( Deep Market Capitalization Analysis ) Database.


The Goose reads the market conditions and behaves accordingly.

Easy to Use

Be ready to goose in just a few minutes. You don’t need to be a trading scientist to start goosing!.


Let the Goose run and forget about it, or tweak every comma and maniacally follow every trade with the possibility of live editing of every pair’s settings.


The Goose runs on your PC or VPS. Your sensitive info will never leave your home.

Real Profit

The Goose will show you real profits, pre-calculate commissions and be working hard for you 24/7.