Dashboard username

Username used for dashboard login.

serverUsername = JohnConnor

Dashboard password

Password associated to username.

serverPassword = Sk1N37

Server Port

Localhost port used for dashboard. Change from default with a random number > 1024 and < 65535

serverPort = 31337

Default API Key

Default API Key generated from your exchange.

apiKey = 7h15154n3x4mP13

Secret API Key

Secret API Key associated to the default one generated from exchange.

apiSecret = 5uP3RS3cr37K31

Setting Switcher

Automatically switch to bear settings if btc is dropping a certain % on 24h.

btcDropFailSafe24H can be yes or no

btcDrop24hPerc The BTC 24h change percentage below which activate the BEAR settings. ( can be a positive or negative number )

btcDropFailSafe24H = yes

btcDrop24hPerc = -1

BTC Pump protection: put your Goose in SELL ONLY MODE if BTC is pumping more than a certain % over the 24h

btcPump24hPerc The BTC 24h change percentage above which activate SELL ONLY MODE.

btcPump24hPerc = 2.5

Telegram Notifications

idChatTelegram insert here your telegram ID ( readme.txt inside telegram folder of the bot ).

idChatTelegram = 123456789

Discord Notifications

idDiscord insert here your discord ID ( readme.txt inside discord folder of the bot )

idDiscord = 987654321