Trade Cost

Amount of BTC used for every trade.

TradeCost = 0.005

Max Pairs

The max amount of trades you want to have open at any one time.

If this is set to '10' then once 10 pairs are being held Golden Goose

will stop buying more new pairs, but will continue to DCA ( if enabled )

on currently held pairs. The number of max pairs depends strictly on your

balance and your planned strategy ( DCA or SL )

MaxPairs = 10


Insert here (separated from semicolon) the coins you don't want

the bot work on, for example long term hodlings or your hatedcoins.


BlacklistPairs = ADA_BTC;XLM_BTC;SHT_BTC;


The minimum percentage of profit to reach to trigger the selling process.

profit = 0.98


the percentage of “elasticity” you want to assign to the %Profit,

it indicates how much the price can drop ( AFTER reaching the %Profit )

before a SELL will occurr. ( usually is a third of the Profit%)

Trailing = 0.31

Dynamic Trailing

Dynamic trailing will allow you to automatically adjust trailing based on the profit% reached.

dynamicTrailing = yes/no ( turn on or off the dyn trailing )

dynamicTrailingPerc = how much % of the profit the dyntrail will be. Example: dynamicTrailingPerc = 33 / With this we are telling the Goose that the dynTrailing will be the 33% of the profit% reached.

Trailing Buy

TrailingBuy it's used to buy coins at the best possible rate, following the price down until a pullup occurs.

TrailingBuy = yes/no ( Activate or not the TrailingBuy )

TrailingBuyPerc = 0.4 ( Indicates the percentage of pullup for the buy to occur after the price falled )


TrailingBuy = yes

TrailinBuyPerc = 1%

coin XYZ current price: 0.0015

the Goose start trailing it

XYZ coin price drops to 0.00147 ( dropping 2% from the original price )

the Goose keep following the price and still doesnt buy ( waiting for a pullup of 1% )

price of XYZ coin starts going up and reaches 0.001485 growing up the 1% from the lowest price reached

now the Goose can buy the XYZ coin because the TrailinBuyPerc has been satisfied.


If TrailingBuy is active and the price of the coin starts to go up without a drop, the coin will be discarded.

If the trailing process doesnt end within the used timeframe the coin will be discarded.

Stop Loss

Indicate the ( negative ) Profit% at which the specified coin will be sold

for a loss. If DCA are activated stoploss will be ignored.

Place 0 or 100 to disable stoploss

stopLoss= 0

DCA Settings

activateDca activate or deactivate the DCA can be Yes or No

ActivateDca = Yes

StopDcaIfBtcDrop stop buying coins with DCA if BTC is dropping

a certain percentage over 24H. Can be Yes or No

StopDcaIfBtcDrop = yes

BtcDropPercStopDca the 24H% BTC change that will stop DCA buying.

Can be a positive or negative number.

BtcDropPercStopDca = -3

MaxBuyTimeDca indicates how many DCA levels(buy trigger)you want to have.

maxBuyTimeDca = 2

DcaCost indicates how much do you want to spend for every DCA level,

default is DOUBLE. Can be double or BTC import. Double refers to

the double of the initial trade cost ( tradeCost )

DcaCost = double

Dca Cost Double example:

Original buy - 0.01 btc ( total spent )

DCA level 1 - 0.03 ( total spent )

DCA level 2 - 0.07 ( total spent )

DCA level 3 - 0.15 ( total spent )

DCA level 4 - 0.31 ( total spent )

DCA level 5 - 0.63 ( total spent )

DCA level 6 - 1.27 ( total spent )

DcaBuyTrigger1 indicates the ( negative ) percentage at which the

specified coin will be bought again to average down the bought cost

in case of a drop. Example -3. Depending on your maxBuyTimeDca you

will have various DcaBuyTrigger1 , DcaBuyTrigger2, etc etc

DcaBuyTrigger1 = -5

DcaBuyTrigger2 = -8


candlestickTimeFrame indicates the timeframe on which the Goose will work on. Can be:

3 = 15 min

4 = 30 min

5 = 1 hour

6 = 2 hours

7 = 4 hours

8 = 6 hours

9 = 8 hours

10 = 12 hours

11 = 1 day

candlestickTimeFrame = 4

periodTimeFrame indicates how many periods back of the selected

candlestickTimeFrame the Goose will check for a Market strength

improvement over the selected time frame period

periodTimeFrame = 2


candlestickTimeFrame = 4

periodTimeFrame = 1

marketstrength = 3 ( covered later )

This will tell the Goose to check for the pairs with at least a 3% of improvement

in the market strength in the last 30 mins ( 30min( expressed as 4) x 1 period)

to consider the pair as possible buy and pass it to all the other filters

Example 2:

candlestickTimeFrame = 4

periodTimeFrame = 2

marketstrength = 3

This will tell the Goose to check for the pairs with at least a 3% of improvement

in the market strength in the last 30 mins and compare it with the market strength

improvement of the last hour ( 30min x 2 ) and IF market strength of the last

30 min is higher > than the market strength of the last hour the pair is considered

as a possible buy and passed to all the other filters

DMCA Market Strength

marketStrength indicator is the Holy Grail and the first inspection of the Goose, it checks for coins market strength improvements over the selected *candlestickTimeFrame* combined with *periodTimeFrame*. If the MarketStrength condition is satisfied the pair is then passed to all the other filters. You can check the status of the market strength in the " Market Strength Monitor " page on the dashboard left menu.

marketStrength = 3


MA cross filter if activated will check for an MA cross and the spread between Ma1 Ma2 and the price has to be lower than the value you will set, this way too much pumped coin will be avoided.

maFilter Activate or not the MA cross check filter. Can be yes or no

MA1 is the short Simple Moving Average period. Example 10.

MA2 is the long Simple Moving Average period. Example 20.

maxMA1spread is the MAX spread percentage that can be between MA1 and current price after a cross(insert 0 to disable).

maxMA2spread is the MAX spread percentage that can be between MA2 and current price after a cross(insert 0 to disable).

maFilter = yes

Ma1 = 10

Ma2 = 20

maxMA1spread = 2

maxMA2spread = 1.5

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a momentum oscillator that oscillates between 0 and 100. Traditionally,

RSI is considered overbought when above 70 and oversold when below 30.

rsiFilter = yes/no activate or deactivate RSI Filter ( yes or no )

periodRsi = 14RSI Filter period lenght. Example: 14

oversoldRsi = 30 Oversold RSI. Example: 30

Low Bollinger Bands filter allows the Goose to buy coins only if they are on the lower Bollinger Band.

lowerBBandFilter activate or deactivate the Low BollingerBand filter. Can be Yes or No

bollingerBandsPeriod indicate the Bollinger Bands period length. Ex: 20.

lowerBBandFilter = no

bollingerBandsPeriod = 20

Apply the volumeFilter if you want the Goose to only buy coins that had an increase in volume in the last 24hours

volumeFilter activate or not the volume filter. Can be Yes or No

volumeIncreasePerc is the percentage of volume increase in the last 24h.

volumeFilter = no

VolumeIncreasePerc = 3

Filter out the coins with a small trading volume over 24H, placing 0 you will pick coins with any volume.

MinVolumeFilter24h indicate the MIN coin trading volume in btc over 24H

minVolumeFilter24h = 100

Use the Spread filter to filter out coins with a certain % of spread between ask and bid price. Spread% at 1 will exclude for example all the coins with a spread between ask and bid higher than 1%. Can be yes or no

spreadFilter = yes

spreadPerc = 1.5

waitBeforeRebuyMinutes = How many minutes you want the Goose has to wait before doing another trade with the same coin.

waitBeforeRebuyMinutes = 30

Option Settings

sellOnlyMode tells the Goose to stop buying new coins and only finish with the selling process of current ones already bought.If DCA is activated SellOnlyMode will NOT prevent DCA buys to be triggered.Can be yes or no.

sellOnlyMode = no

simulationMode allows you to test your preferred settings with the simulation mode. Everything will be as real except the buy on the exchange. Can be yes or no

simulationMode = no

panicSellAll if activated to ‘yes’ will Sell istantly all the pairs regardless of any settings.Can be Yes or No. Use carefully.

panicSellAll = no

Just be amused by OSSUM Goose sounds everytime a Buy or Sell occur ! Can be yes or no

sound = yes